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Experience The MIBS Difference

MIBS is a small business advisory company focused on increasing revenues and maximizing profitability. With nearly 20 years of experience analyzing hundreds of companies, Sam Mastovich has developed a thorough understanding of what it takes for a small business to succeed and what it takes for a business owner to be an owner and not another employee.

As an American small business, the odds are against you. Only 80% of American businesses survive the first year, 66% reach year three, 50% survive five years and 33% make it 10 years. Plan on passing your business on to another generation? Good luck. Roughly 70% of businesses do not make it past the first generation, only 12% see the third generation and a miniscule 3% survive to the fourth generation.

MIBS partners with small businesses to defy the odds. Our proven approach of Listen, Analyze, Implement; differentiates us from other consultants because we not only talk about improvements, we make them. Our knowledge, experience, character and work ethic differentiate us and allow our clients to enjoy the success that they work so hard to achieve.

Our process is effective and highly successful:

We seek to understand your situaltion by listening


Listening is the crucial first step to understanding the challenges that each company faces. Each situation is approached differently, often times getting the perspective of different employees within the organization. Success is dependent on extensive fact-gathering to learn the internal and external aspects of the business. Internally, the focus is on policies, procedures, operational flow, organizational health, management philosophy, employee development, sales, marketing, customer service and financials. Externally, items like the market, competition and customers are investigated. By listening, we uncover what needs addressed.

We analyze the information to develop a plan


Once the fact gathering has been completed, our due diligence efforts move to analysis. All facts learned during the listening stage are analyzed to start to identify the changes needed to improve the business.
Strategic plans are developed to chart the direction of the company including the goals and objectives for the different lines of business. Business plans are developed that focus on the tactics that will need implemented in order to achieve the strategic goals. Solutions for operations, human resources, management, finances and marketing are studied to determine the most advantageous path to improvement.

We work with you to set the plan in place.


Great planning does not making a business successful. Implementation of a great plan does. MIBS specializes in implementation. We work with all levels of the staff to communicate the tactical goals and objectives and ensure the proper training and development are present. When necessary, we get directly involved in the day-to-day operations since many small businesses do not have the necessary staff to carry out all that is needed. Successful implementation requires constant monitoring. As plans are carried out, modifications are needed to maximize effectiveness and seize additional opportunities that are presented along the way.

Sam Mastovich

Sam Mastovich



MIBS is owned by Sam Mastovich, a business professional with nearly two decades of business experience as a banking professional and business consultant. His experience as a commercial lender provided Sam with insight into hundreds of companies, allowing him to see firsthand what worked and what did not. As a business consultant, Sam accepted a full-time assignment to serve as the general manager of a small, three employee, family-owned business. Three years after the engagement started, the company was recognized as the 1342nd fastest growing company in America and 16th fastest growing engineering firm by Inc. Magazine. This particular company received a variety of awards for growth and employee satisfaction, two characteristics that are very difficult to achieve at the same time.

In 2013, Sam was recognized by the Pittsburgh Business Times as a Fast Tracker. Fast Trackers honors leaders in Pittsburgh’s business and non-profit community who are under 40 years old. Winners are selected for their successful efforts to grow a business or non-profit. Fast Trackers don’t have to be the owners, presidents or executive directors of their organizations, but they must have shown to have had significant impact on the growth, scope or impact of their organization.

Sam was raised in Western Pennsylvania. He attended Robert Morris University to earn both his Bachelor of Science in Finance and Masters in Finance.

Sam is actively involved within his community. He has served as the following:

  • President of the Board of Directors of the Lawrence County Economic Development Corporation
  • Board Member of the Cranberry CUP (Community Uniting People)
  • Board Member of the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce
  • Board Member of the Robert Morris University Colonial Athletic Club

Sam has been recognized with several honorable awards throughout his professional career including:

  • Regional Commercial Lender of the Year
  • Robert Morris University Young Alumni Achievement Award
  • Distinguished Member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars
  • Pittsburgh Business Times Fast Tracker