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Most future customers of MIBS who have reached this page fit into one of the following two categories:

  • With everything else going on throughout the day, I never really have time to think about sales and marketing.
  • I spend a lot of time and money on sales and marketing but the results are disappointing.

Sales and marketing is easy to ignore. Unlike human resources, production, accounting, customer service or pretty much every other facet of day-to-day operations, sales and marketing has zero accountability. Not addressing any of those areas will have a direct impact on someone else. Conversely, not prospecting or advertising will not impact someone else. That is why it is so easy to push sales and marketing to the bottom of the list because it technically is never a fire that requires immediate attention. Unfortunately, not addressing items like social media posts or website updates can be more costly than addressing one customer’s complaint.

Conversely, some companies go all-in with sales and marketing. They are sponsoring events, attending trade shows, buying ads, sending direct mail, using social media, updating their website and so on, but not receiving an adequate return on their investment. For these companies, the challenge is not tactical, it is strategic. They have failed to get to know their customer to understand who they are, why they buy and how to best get in front of them. Their challenge is not working harder, it is working smarter.

The staff at MIBS understands what it takes to grow market share and increase profitability. Our efforts landed a local small business in the INC 5000 as the 16th fastest growing engineering company in the country. Our systematic approach analyzes the products, services, customers, competitors and market. We then create a strategy to capture the opportunities and address the weaknesses. Most importantly, we implement the plan.

If your company is not where you believe it should be and revenues and profitability have either flattened or declined, contact the experts at MIBS to schedule a meeting to discuss how we can help. Our direct approach achieves results by maximizing the return on investment and effort.

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