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“I Need To Become More Efficient In Running My Company.”

Expert guidance for effectively running a company.

Not only are business owners often the most overworked and underpaid employees in the organization, they are often lonely. Sure you have a full staff of employees, but is there anyone that you can discuss strategic details with? Is there anyone that you can lean on for guidance during difficult times or when stressful decisions must be made? MIBS specializes in assisting business owners by providing small business guidance and expertise.

There are several keys to effectively running a company. From a management standpoint, selecting the right team members and being staffed ahead of the needs is absolutely critical. Employees are a company’s greatest asset and not having an appropriate amount of staffing can lead to declining morale. Poor organizational health can make an otherwise successful company fall short of potential. A company with proactive employees that are given proper direction, the necessary tools to complete their jobs and the flexibility to complete their work without micromanagement will enjoy growth.

Financially, efficient owners know what to focus on and what to not waste time on. Many business owners are stuck on opposite ends of financial analysis. Some owners spend zero time analyzing the numbers. They have lost track of expenses and have no idea where their profitability, or lack thereof, comes from. Conversely, some business owners suffer analysis paralysis. They analyze a phone book worth of reports each month, spending more time reporting the news instead of trying to make it. MIBS works with business owners to identify the key metrics that should be tracked and identifies the activities that will positively improve the financials.

Operations can also be a large consumer of business owner’s time. Many owners are entrepreneurs who are the operational and product development expert of the organization. The bulk of their time is spent reacting to issues and fixing mistakes. Operations can be the largest waste of a company’s resources. When established properly, a thorough delegation and training program is implemented and a culture of doing things better tomorrow than they were done today is encouraged.

Having worked with hundreds of companies identifying areas of weakness and waste, MIBS understands what it takes to make a company less of a burden for the owner. Our approach of listen, analyze, implement does not just generate proven ideas that work, we deploy those ideas to become reality. Contact MIBS to help you spend less time on the tactical side of your business and more time on the strategic side of the business.

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